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How are units purchased at Chatswood Retirement Village?

All units are purchased under an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA). This is how all retirement village units are now sold in New Zealand and it is a legally binding agreement between the resident and Chatswood Retirement Village Ltd, governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003. The ORA sets out the terms and conditions of your right to live in the Village.

What is the cost of obtaining an Occupation Right Agreement?

Occupational right agreements for the different units start from $175,000.00.



I no longer want a big garden but I do like to grow my own herbs and a few flowers. Would that be an option at Chatswood?

We have a number of residents who feel exactly the same and they have been very creative with their gardens and gain much joy from them. Watching plants grow and pottering in your garden is one of life’s pleasures and our gardening team are always happy to share a cutting or give you a hand.

My grandchildren love to stay with their grandparents. Would that still be possible if we purchased an apartment at Chatswood?

Of course they can stay. Your life at Chatswood should be easier than before and you will have more time to devote to being with family, friends and loved ones. We all love having children around and it adds to the family feel that we have created.

Once I am in the Village, how much will I pay for Weekly Fees or Care Packages?

For your peace of mind, the weekly fee you pay on entering Chatswood will be set for life. All fees and care package information is provided on the separate pricing schedule in this folder.

Are there premium charges on rooms? 

Yes, there are however they are only on Hospital rooms at a cost of $20 per day.



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