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The premium option with care

Most products and services have a premium option for people who want something extra, increasingly people want choices and this is the object of Care Suites.

Each care suite includes:

  • Open plan living/kitchenette

  • Ensuite 

  • Private telephone, TV and Sky connection

  • Private patio with garden views

  • Laundry facilities

  • 24hr nurse call system

The care suites allow you to stay in one room for life through your care cycle. The continuum of care offered by Chatswood allows you to stay in the room that you choose but have the services tailored to your needs if they change.


Each spacious suite includes open plan living, kitchen, ensuite a private patio with garden views and 24hr nurse call.  

With the choice of living options in the village you can stay close to your spouse, if they have chosen this lifestyle, which allows them the comfort and security of knowing you are cared for but still close by.   


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